So I got my laptop fixed but with all this Guardians of the Galaxy I might post some stuff after the first week of August

Your blog is literally perfect bless you for making it

aww thanks, is nice to get messages like this

Anonymous asked:
Wait question is Avengers Assemble scheduled for a second season I kept trying to find stuff but it was very unreliable. Also do you know if Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes will have another season? If not no problem lol sorry about all the questions

Avengers Assemble is having a second season while EMH is done

omg i believe it was your gifsets that made me want to watch the show, i have the videos loading, clint's gifsets are the ones that crack me up though, so thank you for this blog! :D

glad to hear that and yeah clint is just awesome

I looks like my computer doesn’t want to turn on I guess I have to wait until it works to make gifs and publish the ones I already made

Does anyone have requests? Because I’m in the mood of giffing stuff but I don’t know what

I noticed you do lots of Avengers Assemble and it's made me want to watch it but I was wondering. Has there been any confirmation or rumor or anything that Winter Soldier would be in the show at all? Just curious since Earth's Mightiest Heroes left him on a sour note before canceling.

I’m not sure if Winter Soldier will be introduced the second season but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did because he is a popular charater right now