Avengers Assemble!
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  longliveoth said:
Hey, hello there. Not too sure if you've been asked this question, but do you know any blogs that cover Hulk & the Agents of SMASH on Disney XD?

Since I don’t watch the show I don’t know of any blog, so sorry

So I was checking when was the next Avengers Assemble episode was airing and this is the tittle: Crime and Circuses and this is the synopsis of the episode: 

The Circus of Crime comes to town, and the Avengers learn about Hawkeye’s past.

I can’t wait to see this episode but is on May

  Anonymous said:
Do you know a link where i could watch avengers assemble?

here is where I watch all episodes online 

  Anonymous said:
Did you see the recent io9 article that gave a very negative review of Avengers Assemble while getting butthurt and complaining about EMH being replaced?

No, I really don’t care about reviews. I get that EMH is a better show overall but Avengers Assemble is entertaining.